Quick Guide

This guide should serve as a quick way to get up to speed with Live View.

Thanks to LiveView users, this guide is also available in the following language:

Step 1 - Set VM Parameters

First select your Set VM Parameters:

Step 2 - Select Image or Device

If you would like to boot from a disk image file, click the Browse button to select the image of the machine from which you would like to boot:

If, however, you would like to boot from a physical disk select the physical disk option

Select the device from which you would like to boot from the drop-down menu:

Step 3 - Select Output Directory

Next, select the output directory by clicking the browse button:

Step 4 - Launch or Generate VM

Next choose what you would like to do with your image

Step 5 - Click Start

Finally, click the start button and let Live View take care of the rest

Message Prompts

You may get a "read only" message prompt

You may also receive a "previous launch" message prompt

Interacting With the Virtual Machine

Now you can interact With the machine as you would any other. You can install software, insert CD's or USB keys, read/modify/create files, etc.

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